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The pearl, the queen of the sea

In September 2019 World Diamond Group, which had for more than 30 years focused on diamond jewellery, certified by the most renowned international bodies, purchased Golay Buchel Italia, owner of the GOLAY, MIKIKO and NIHAMA brands, thus integrating jewellery with pearls, silver and other semi-precious materials.

A precious story dedicated to our future

Discovering the history of Golay is like retracing the thread of time, which in the 110-year history of the company has woven the plots of the adventurous life in precious items of the founder, Louis Golay.
A pioneering entrepreneur, he founded his own company in a location in Switzerland, from which he began to import Tahitian, Australian and Indonesian pearls of the South Seas to Japan, building a bridge between West and East.

Over the years, as the company developed, he specialized in diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and gold chains, which became the main nucleus of commercial activity in Europe and Asia.
The relationships and skills acquired over time on a global scale were the key factors that allowed the group to supply jewels of the highest quality.

In 1950, with the death of Louis Golay, the heirs took control of the company, expanded it and opened branches all over the world: in Europe, Asia, and America, and for each branch, a specialization and a market, but all were headed by the parent company located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The brand over the years became synonymous with a guarantee for the selection and quality of pearls, which were subject to very restrictive controls according to scrupulous acceptance parameters -- "only the best strings of pearls were awarded the guarantee seal." Also the diamonds and precious stones were carefully selected. The utmost rigour in the quality of raw materials has always been a distinctive element of Golay's history.

The union between Golay and WDG is a story of beauty which intertwines
THE DIAMOND, the lord of the Earth, and THE PEARL, the queen of the Sea.

In 2000 at the height of its fame, GOLAY Lausanne bought “The European Institute for the Promotion of the Pearl” by opening its second branch in Italy based in Vicenza, better known as the owner of the MIKIKO and NIHAMA brands specialized in the pearl jewellery market.

With these two brands, Golay is committed to making Freshwater, Akoya, Australian and Tahitian pearls known and recognized by the best jewellers in Italy, while also maintaining an active part of the offering dedicated to precious gems in which Golay was an internationally recognized specialist. In 2005, becoming a purely financial company and not being able to have commercial activities, GOLAY Lausanne decided to withdraw the brand internationally and the Italian branch remains the legal form of the two brands with an oriental flavour, Mikiko and Nihama.

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