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  • Anello Argento con diamante 0,15 ct.
  • Anello Argento e diamante 0,50 ct.
  • Orecchini 9kt e diamanti 0,80 ct.
  • Orecchini 9kt e diamante 0,20 ct.
  • Anello 9kt e diamanti 0,30 ct.
  • Anello 9kt e diamanti 0,80 ct.
  • Anello 9kt e diamante 0,20 ct.
  • Girocollo 9kt e diamanti 0,20 ct.

To be unique is in our nature

Have you ever imagined the jewel of the future?
It is already here and is called X Diamond.

Have you ever imagined the jewel of the future? It is already here and is called XDiamond. It has the shape and light of our present moment. And it is the reflection of the future that we are creating for ourselves. We are in the era of caring for our environment and of shared values. This is the era of the Super Technological Diamond.

Thanks to the sophisticated scientific technology, we have learned from nature to recreate the same physical and chemical characteristics that make the natural diamond rare and precious.

Our values

Sustainable and ecological

No raw material is extracted, man and science recreate what is in short supply in nature, preserving its shape and beauty.


Modern technology allows to create in a few weeks what nature offers us in a limited way and after millions of geophysical processes in the earth's crust.


The use of technology allows to create a precious jewel, even purer than the natural one but at a significantly lower price.

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