A light that has shone for (almost) 30 years

Founded in Vicenza in 1987 as an importer of diamonds, World Diamond Group today operates in the distribution of certified diamonds and the creation of high jewellery collections. The company has adapted to changes in social trends over the years, expanding its services and the creation of jewellery collections by marketing directly to the public: ethics, transparency and professionalism are the fundamental values of World Diamond Group, which operates rigorously to the highest international standards.

For a public who see opportunities for investment in classic jewellery and diamonds, the company offers services in certified diamonds and dependable consultancy via its Buy Diamonds & Diamond Invest service, involving some of the best Italian jewellers.
In 2013 the first showroom to the public opened in the centre of Verona where it is possible to acquire investment diamonds and jewellery collections signed Diamond Invest and DLuce, brands of the World Diamond Group.

Giuliano Castrenze:
Experience at the Helm of the Group

Under the firm leadership of World Diamond Group by Giuliano Castrenze, the Vicenza-based company has succeeded in opening up to international markets in the distribution of diamonds and has launched a distribution of collections of gold and diamond jewellery, thanks to an attentive policy of marketing to the public.
He began in 1985 as a commercial agent in the world of precious gemstones with the aim of starting an international business in diamonds and to then establish a specialised company in gold and diamond jewellery that could deal directly with the public.
After spending a long period building up a knowledge of precious materials, and after spending years travelling first to India, then to Israel, and finally Africa, he decided to found World Diamond Group as an organised base to develop an integrated system of sales and services dedicated to jewellery, but aimed at the public.
The creation of brands Diamond Invest and DLuce, and the development of services like Diamond Invest, Buy Diamonds and Market Place, combined to complete the commercial and marketing platform designated World Diamond Group by Giuliano Castrenze.

Communicating to Flourish: from the press to the internet, a constant dialogue

Communication is always a source of growth: of identity, contacts and experiences, to send out a clear message. To communicate a business’s message today is not just about making publicity, having a press office or a good website, but means taking steadfast control over a wide array of instruments, whose success is often determined by the consumers, and not just the company involved. It is necessary therefore to be prepared to respond adequately to criticisms or complaints, as well as accepting advice and compliments, Likes and Followers, obtaining precise information and feedback with traceability of results.

A range of dedicated instruments

The World Diamond Group sees the social media above all as a space where it can communicate with its main stakeholders, the public. For this reason the company has implemented its own platform, supporting the business’s website, social network and App – e-commerce dedicated to the collections and its own brands, Diamond Invest and DLuce. The presence in the most important fashion and trade magazines is guaranteed, via publicity campaigns and public relations strategies.